I’m Alex Saxton and my mission is to help fellow  entrepreneurs and execs who are suffering from crippling insomnia to learn to fall asleep with ease and sleep through the night again, so that they can wake up every morning feeling alive, blessed, energised and fully motivated to work to their full amazing potential.

Why have I chosen this mission? Because I have been where you are now and I know how debilitating and destructive insomnia can be, affecting relationships, work performance, goals, dreams and quality of life. If you don’t sleep, you suffer and I truly get that.

Just writing this brings back old memories of how terrible it felt when I couldn’t even go to my favourite coffee shop due to the everyday surrounding noises deafening me, nor could I handle criticism at work well or maintain good relationships with anyone as my mind was constantly on red alert and full of negativity.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. Through battling insomnia twice in my life I’ve since  discovered the solution to overcoming insomnia, and this is what I would like to share with you now.

How did I beat insomnia once and for all?

Well firstly, a little bit about me, I first suffered from insomnia during my finals at university. Due to all the stress of the exams and the worries surrounding them at night I physically was unable to fall asleep and was awake for pretty much the whole two weeks of my exams. Then once they finished and the stress of taking exams was over, insomnia disappeared. Thank God! Or so I thought…

Once I got into my first corporate job in London after university, and work was piled on top of me, work worries started to enter my mind at night and my old nemesis returned.

Suddenly I was back in the full throws of insomnia, I couldn’t sleep, started blaming people for making the slightest noises, my mind was full of negativity, and I thought I was going mad. Oh yes my insomnia was back with a vengeance.  Except this time, the factors causing my insomnia weren’t going to just go away and I didn’t want to leave my job either.

So what could I do to fix this? How could I keep my busy active job and STILL sleep like a baby?

So I began the arduous journey of experimenting with countless sleeping products, followed conflicting online advice, used pillow sprays, lavender baths, and lastly herbal sleeping pills. And although yes they helped to relax me, they still couldn’t turn off my active worrying mind at night so I STILL couldn’t fall asleep.

Great, now I had to contend with extreme grogginess, along with the despair of not sleeping too. I was at my wits end — perhaps you’ve been there too?!

Then something happened to change all this. Now I’m the kind of person that always wants to learn new things, so when I saw a hypnosis course advertised locally to me I signed up. I did have my reservations because I was so exhausted but I thought attending it could at best distract me from the misery of my insomnia and a friend had said hypnosis was very relaxing and required hardly any mental effort unlike mediation. So I was sold!

During the course we were regularly put into deep state of hypnosis which felt amazing. Then suddenly after a few sessions my sleeping started to improve. Not only that, I was feeling much calmer in the day too, the horrible feelings of fight or flight and shot nervous system were receding too.

Suddenly I was sleeping better and dealing with my workload much more efficiently, not overreacting to small things, nor feeling so paranoid either. Eureka! I was able to sleep soundly and KEEP my demanding job too! Life felt good again.

After seeing my transition from insomniac to duvet lover,  a number of colleagues asked me for my help in addressing their sleeping problems. They too had been suffering from insomnia due to similar work demands and worrying minds.

So I started teaching my colleagues the techniques that worked on me as well as giving them one to one hypnosis sessions. Soon enough their sleeping improved too and it felt great to help them.   After seeing the positive results of my sleep coaching and hypnosis, I decided to leave my 9-5 job and embark on my new career as a hypnotherapist specialising in helping people with insomnia.

Over the past 10 years I have helped many stressed out professionals transition from counting sheep to blissful sleep using hypnosis and other amazing techniques. And rest assured for every technique I teach my clients I have tested it out on myself first!

I have a passion for helping people to sleep well again because I understand the negative knock on effects of lack of sleep from having experienced it first hand and because everyone deserves to sleep well.

Lastly – just because you are a busy go-getter with an active mind doesn’t mean your sleeping should suffer as a result.

And I’m here NOW to help you get it back on track once and for all.

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