Mastering Effortless Sleep For Busy Entrepreneurs And High Driven Execs

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  • Are you an extremely busy entrepreneur or exec who works really hard, is highly driven, has a lot on their minds and has a lot going for them, but sadly suffering from devastating insomnia?
  • I imagine that this sleep deprivation is now playing havoc on your performance at work, your enjoyment of hobbies and peace of mind right?
  • But you’re not alone, I too have suffered from insomnia, as have many of my talented and hard working clients and it’s something that needs to be addressed ASAP
  • Don’t forget sleep is one of the major cornerstones of life, and if it’s under attack, then all aspects of your will life suffer as a result
  • Perhaps you’re now suffering from  terrible mind fog, lack of focus, and finding it hard to make simple decisions at work?
  • You may even have reached the point where you find it hard to tie your shoelaces? Or have you tried to open your front door using your car key fob yet?!
  • Many busy entrepreneurs and professionals with active minds will suffer from insomnia at least once in their lives and then life gets harder!
  • Because when you have insomnia, how CAN you perform to your best ability at work? How can you show up to your favourite team sport and play well? How can you enjoy your favourite hobbies? You simply can’t
  • But sadly and unfairly it’s not just you that has to deal with the insomnia. It’s those around you too. Because when you’re functioning on zero energy you can’t help but be irritable when dealing with others and more prone to impatience and outbursts
  • What about your train of thought after a bad night’s sleep? Even if you were a worrier before, I guarantee the amount of worries you have increased dramatically since your insomnia began
  • And if you were a positive person before, you’re probably veering towards a more negative irrational style of thinking instead. Did I forget to mention paranoia?
  • And what about the way your body feels? Are you constantly feeling shaky, forever functioning in fight or flight mode and feeling sensitive to loud noises? Have you forgotten what feeling relaxed and at peace feels like?
  • Are you now resigned to the fact that this is how your life will be forever and there is no way you can escape the grip of insomnia and the devastation it has caused?

Well I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have you be like this


In your darkest sleep deprived days do you dream of the following?:

  • Falling asleep with ease every night so you no longer fear going to bed and look forward to it instead!
  • Sleeping deeply all through the night, so you wake up feeling truly rested and revitalized every morning and for the rest of the day too
  • Having amazing amounts of energy so you can accomplish your business goals with ease, socialise and enjoy your various hobbies
  • Experiencing a much clearer head so you can smash through your to do list with ease and meet deadlines without hesitation
  • Spending less time worrying about things you can’t control and more time appreciating all the good things in your life instead
  • Feeling much stronger mentally and physically so you are more able to cope with life’s ups and downs

I’m here to tell you it’s not your fault that you haven’t been able to improve your sleeping because there is so much conflicting advice online, so many books to read, so many products to try that it’s OVERWHELMING.  

And it doesn’t matter how much relaxing pillow spray you use, or how many lavender infused baths you have, this won’t be enough to switch your mind off at night, and that’s one of the MAIN reasons you can’t sleep.

But help is here. I’m living proof that no matter how busy your day is, no matter how stressful your job is, no matter how little spare time you have – YOU CAN SLEEP AGAIN.

What some of my client’s have to say…

“I just wanted to say that after having sleep coaching sessions with Alex things really turned around for me. Alexandra was really lovely and we spent some time working out what my sleeping goals were and what we were going to work on during the sessions. The sessions themselves are very relaxing, just like having a relaxing snooze but somehow also still being awake through it! I got two jobs within weeks of starting the hypnotherapy as well as sleeping much better each night. As a result I feel much more calm and positive than when I started the sessions. I’d recommend Alex and her program.” Julia, 29

“I struggle with my sleep a lot, and the last time it happened it seemed to go on for a long time. Alexandra understood what I was going through as she has experienced insomnia before. She understood my concerns, and made me feel completely relaxed and comfortable. She gave me hypnotherapy recordings after the first session which were really relaxing and helped me sleep After my first appointment I felt an improvement. By the time we had our 2nd and 3rd session I had gone from sleeping terribly or not at all for around 5 days a week, to maybe once every two weeks or longer. I extremely recommend her therapeutic style which is positive, straightforward and empathetic. Thanks Alexandra” Kirsty 36


Mastering Effortless Sleep For Busy Entrepreneurs And High Driven Execs WITHOUT Having To Exert Energy Learning Copious Amounts Of Information or Waste Time Trying Countless Sleeping Gimmicks.

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The YOU CAN SLEEP AGAIN Program is an amazing fast paced program designed to restore your sleeping, but it’s not for everyone.

If you fit the criteria below you will be a great fit for the person I would love to work with and help:

  • You are a highly driven entrepreneur, exec or professional who has a busy career and life but are sadly suffering from insomnia which is screwing up your life and preventing you from reaching your full potential
  • You suffer from insomnia due to having a busy stressful life in the day and an active mind at night which keeps you awake full of worries and re-runnings of the days events
  • You’re a great fit if you’re sick of feeling exhausted every day, and tired of struggling through life with a foggy mind and a shaky sleep deprived body
  • You’re 100% ready to commit time and money to solve this major sleeping problem because you value how important sleep is in your life
  • You put addressing your sleeping problem at the top of your list of importance because you are knowledgeable enough to value sleep as a non negotiable cornerstone of life
  • You want to be armed with easy techniques to use if insomnia ever tries to return again during stressful periods.

Who this program is NOT for:

  • If you suffer from insomnia for medical reasons, e.g. menopause, sleep apnoea, restless leg syndrome, over active thyroid problems
  • If you are looking for a quick fix band aid option
  • If you do not value sleep nor place a great importance on improving it

Why is the YOU CAN SLEEP AGAIN program different to what’s already on offer?

My unique signature program is different  to other sleep offerings available because it’s a niche program designed to treat a specific type of insomnia that affects hard working execs who lead busy lives and find it hard to switch their active minds off when it’s time to sleep.

It’s a successful hybrid method that I developed over the years after successfully treating a number of hard working professionals who suffer from this type of insomnia. During this program I don’t just give out sleeping advice or bore you with facts, I give you real time hypnosis personalized to suit your sleeping requirements. I also give out relaxing sleep inducing hypnosis recordings and teach you easy to learn techniques too. And as an added bonus it’s not a content heavy program either!

You’re here to get your sleeping back on track right? You’re not here to get a degree in sleep hygiene or sleep nutrition so why sign up to a program that overloads you with content and strict regimes?? Well good news, my  YOU CAN SLEEP AGAIN program certainly doesn’t. All I’m concerned with is getting your sleeping back on track in as short a period of time as possible, so don’t worry, I won’t waste your precious time educating you on the science of sleep.

The areas my unique YOU CAN SLEEP AGAIN Program cover are:

  • Let’s get to the root cause of why you’re not sleeping
  • Just relax, listen to the sound of my voice, and you will be sleeping in no time
  • Techniques to Calm your Mind at night
  • Techniques to Release Worries during the day
  • Techniques to Reduce Stress
  • Techniques to Boost your body’s own natural sleep inducing hormones
  • Sleep Maintenance, and how to beat insomnia should it ever try to rear its ugly head in the future during stressful times

By the time you finish the YOU CAN SLEEP AGAIN Program you will be able to:

  • Fall asleep easily and effortlessly every night without having to learn copious amounts of scientific information about sleep nor having to stick to unnecessarily rigid bedtime routines
  • Sleep soundly all through the night without having to lock yourself away in a windowless padded room where everything smells of lavender
  • Wake up feeling rested, positive and full of energy and loving life every morning, you simply can’t wait to start your day
  • Look forward to going to bed every night, why wouldn’t you when sleeping has become your favourite new hobby?
  • Be able to dissociate from intrusive worries at night even though there is a hell of a lot going on at work at present
  • Remain physically and mentally calm during times of stress, without running away!
  • Have serious amounts of energy to enjoy those hobbies you forgot about during the terrible insomnia days of long ago
  • Enjoy happy and fulfilling relationships with your friends, colleagues and family members, you now have the time and energy to listen to and meet their needs
  • See the world in a more positive light and be more appreciative of all the good things your life has to offer

“I approached Alexandra because I was waking up in the night and lying awake for hours.  I found discussing this issue with her interesting and learnt a lot about sleep, for example about the adrenaline/serotonin relationship, negative thinking etc which I had not given much thought to before.  She suggested several strategies for relaxing and getting myself back to sleep (including her Relaxation recording) which have really helped. She also provided me with techniques which were great to have as a reminder of the things we discussed in the sessions.  Thanks Alexandra!” Marie, 45

Ask Away!

I’m so busy, so how can I also commit time to your You Can Sleep Again program?

Will there ever be a good time? Sleep is one of the cornerstones of life and you can’t keep putting it on the back bench. It needs to be at the forefront. Because if you keep continuing on this path of trying to function on limited sleep there will be huge repercussions for you and those around you.

If you don’t address this now then in a few months you may fall victim to the below:

  • Lowered immune system and increased frequency in getting sick
  • Your work will suffer greatly and worst case scenario – being unable to work
  • Physically feeling jumpy and full of anxiety on a day to day basis and sensitive to loud noises
  • Everyday becoming a struggle to get through from functioning on little energy
  • Becoming severely irritable, angry and impatient with others and relationships suffering
  • Lose motivation to achieve business goals and pursue dreams
  • Become less productive and efficient at work
  • Your looks will suffer and you will also put on weight
  • Be unable to cope with life’s challenges
  • Increased negative thoughts and worries, thinking becoming more irrational with difficulty to think straight

If you don’t address sleep NOW then in a year you may fall victim to the below:

  • Be unable to work, unable to earn money
  • Be unable to function
  • Become physically weak and unwell
  • Have broken down relationships
  • Have a negative outlook and be fearful of life
  • Always functioning and living in fight or flight mode
  • Constant irrational thinking and feeling severely depressed
  • Be unable to drive

Once you see the drastic repercussions of not fixing your sleeping problem ASAP it removes any objections to seeking help NOW.  The value of sleeping soundly every night and having more energy as a result should supersede everything! And not forgetting, my sessions are weekly and only last one hour so they can easily fit into your busy schedule.

I’m saving up for a holiday/car/course so don’t want to invest money into a program that will help me sleep right now..

Tell me honestly:

  • What kind of holiday can you actually enjoy when you spend your nights in your foreign hotel room tossing and turning, then spend the days feeling shaky and dreadful?
  • Are you sure you will even be safe enough to drive that new car seeing as you are sleep deprived and exhausted all the time?
  • Can you actually study or learn a new course/skill using your sleep deprived foggy brain??

My bet is…no! At  the end of the day you can’t put a price on the value of sleep. You can’t put a price on the amazing transformation you will get from feeling exhausted and miserable to enjoying the pleasures of sleeping again and getting your energy and mojo back. So if you want to invest in anything, it should 100% be your sleep.

I simply haven’t got the energy, I’m too exhausted to commit to a sleep program…

  • I hear you on that. I get that you are sleep deprived, I get that it’s difficult enough tying your own shoe laces let alone conversing with a stranger and learning new things. But let me tell you, it won’t be like that
  • Our 1 hour weekly sessions require VERY LITTLE EFFORT from you. I will be doing all the hard work so you won’t have to. All you need to do is relax in the comfiness of your own own home whilst I put you into a very relaxing deep hypnotic trance state (the state just before sleep).
  • During this state (which feels like bliss) your body will switch over to the parasympathetic nervous system and any stress will be released from your system. I will also put in post hypnotic suggestions of how much your sleeping will improve, and then it will.
  • And the best thing is, when you emerge from our session you will feel much more rested and more energised than before. After all 30 minutes of hypnosis is the same as 4 hours sleep!
  • And yes I am a stranger but if you’re a good fit then we will get on fine. I have a warm approach and have been known to get my sleep deprived clients into fits of laughter.  Because laughter is a healthy stress buster and improves sleep too!

I don’t believe I can be hypnotised, so how can this work?

All hypnosis is self hypnosis, all I do is guide you into it. Think of it as a deep state of relaxation that you naturally go into frequently during the day. It’s not magic, it’s a deeply relaxing therapeutic state which will help you to sleep by releasing unwanted adrenaline in your system which is one of the main factors disrupting your sleep.

Why is it a 6 week program, I’m so EXHAUSTED can it be shortened?

The program is 6 weeks long because in my experience of helping clients overcome insomnia that is how long it normally takes for their nervous systems to return to healthy working order enabling blissful sleep.

For some people it takes a shorter amount of time, in which case you don’t need to finish the program and can stop at any point once that happens. But you may like to keep the coaching calls still going because believe me going into hypnosis is a truly relaxing feeling, like a massage for the mind, so it would be  a shame to miss out on them even if your sleeping is back on track.

To Recap: This is what you will get from the YOU CAN SLEEP AGAIN program

After completing my six week sleep transformation program you will be enjoying the pleasures of sleeping soundly again which will transform you into a brand new person, giving you more energy, more focus, a more positive mindset, increased productivity, more time to spend on things you love, happier relationships and much more drive to reach your full potential both in business and in life. This can be your reality and my program and I are proof of this.

“I went to see Alex about my problem with sleeping. I have never been a good night time sleeper and would often lay in bed from the middle of the night onwards wide awake, pressuring myself to get to sleep with my mind whirring at 100 miles per hour. It was so annoying to know the next day I would be functioning at half capacity due to a dreadful nights sleep. With the techniques Alex has taught me I can not only get to sleep but if I do wake in the night I can manage to go back off. Plus Alex gives you tools to use at home and recordings to listen to, all of which has been a huge help. The whole process is extremely calming and helps me to relax. I would thoroughly recommend Alex to anyone having similar problems.”  Lee, 53, ICBC Standard Bank

To enrol in the YOU CAN SLEEP AGAIN program and start enjoying the pleasures of a good night’s sleep again – please apply for a Sleep Breakthrough call with me by clicking below


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