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Does this sound like you?

  • Are you an busy professional who works really hard, is highly driven, but has a public speaking phobia which is holding you back from trying for a promotion?
  • Or are you a parent who is engulfed with distressing OCD thoughts that something bad may happen to your child?
  • Are you consumed with irrational fears that your partner may cheat and you tried CBT and other forms of therapy but they won’t shift these fears and paranoid thoughts keeping you up at night?
  • Have you forgotten what it feels like to be in the present and enjoying life to the fullest because you are forever engaging with your worrying thoughts?
  • Or are you quite a positive person but simply can’t switch your mind of at night which, prevents you from falling asleep?
  • Maybe you can fall asleep at night but for some reason, wake up multiple times in the night and can’t go back to sleep?
  • And this lack of sleep is making you feel EVEN MORE ANXIOUS and paranoid the next day.
  • And what about the way your body feels? Are you constantly feeling shaky, forever functioning in fight or flight mode and feeling sensitive to loud noises? Have you forgotten what feeling relaxed and at peace feels like?
  • Are you now resigned to the fact that this is how your life will be forever and there is no way you can escape the grip of anxiety or insomnia and the devastation it has caused?

Well I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have you be like this


In your darkest days do you dream of the following?:

  • Spending less time in your day worrying about things you can’t control and more time appreciating all the good things in your life instead
  • Not letting a self limiting phobia or unwanted habit hold you back anymore and instead having the confidence to let it go and be free of it once and for all
  • Being able to let intrusive irrational thoughts fade into the background like white noise so that you can go about your day in a more calm and productive manner
  • Falling asleep with ease every night so you no longer fear going to bed and look forward to it instead!
  • Sleeping deeply all through the night, so you wake up feeling truly rested and revitalized every morning and for the rest of the day
  • Having amazing amounts of energy so you can accomplish your business goals with ease, socialise and enjoy your various hobbies

I’m here to tell you it’s not your fault that you haven’t been able to reduce anxiety and anxious thoughts or improve your sleeping because there is so much conflicting advice online, so many books to read, so many products to try that it’s OVERWHELMING.

And that it doesn’t matter how much relaxing pillow spray you use, or how many lavender infused baths you have, in most cases, this simply won’t be enough to switch a worrying mind off which is engaging or grappling with a plethora of anxious thoughts.

But help is here. I’m living proof that no matter how busy your day is, no matter how stressful your job is, no matter how strong your phobia or core beliefs are – YOU CAN FEEL CALMER AGAIN. Contact me to find out how

What some of my client’s have to say…

“I just wanted to say that after having hypnsosis sessions with Alex things really turned around for me. Alexandra was really lovely and we spent some time working out what my sleeping goals were and what we were going to work on during the sessions. The sessions themselves are very relaxing, just like having a relaxing snooze but somehow also still being awake through it! I got two jobs within weeks of starting the hypnotherapy as well as sleeping much better each night. As a result I feel much more calm and positive than when I started the sessions. I’d recommend Alex and her program.” Julia, 29

“I started sessions with Alexandra last November after suffering social anxiety for a number of years. I had tried Cognitive Behavioural Therapy at uni to try to understand and deal with it but failed to get much of response. I was very skeptical at first about hypnotherapy as I was unfamiliar with the field and as a very skeptical kind of person I went into it believing it wouldn’t work much at all. However, I was wrong as after seeing Alexandra for around 6 sessions I have made a significant improvement and really would recommend her sessions to anyone suffering any form of anxiety. Through Alexandra’s support, and her guidance of ways to deal with anxiety, I have reached the point of being able to manage my fear of social situations to the point of feeling only a little anxious or completely relaxed in situations I used to find terrifying. Without Alexandra’s support I would not be where I am now and my only advise if you’re skeptical is to give a session a go!” Laura, 23


Reduce Anxiety, Release Wories and & Improve Sleep WITHOUT Having To Exert Energy Learning Copious Amounts Of Information or Waste Time Trying Countless Gimmicks.

To start feeling calmer again and enjoying your life to the fullest, free from the shackles of anxiety, phobias or anxious thoughts – please apply for a Complimentary Telephone Call with me by clicking below to find out more on how I can help


If you fit the criteria below you will be a great fit for the person I would love to help:

  • You’re sick of having anxiety run the show and want to be back in the driving seat of your life instead
  • You put addressing your anxiety / sleep issue at the top of your list of importance because you are knowledgeable enough to value your wellbeing as a non negotiable cornerstone of life
  • You want to be armed with easy techniques to use if high anxiety or insomnia ever tries to return again during stressful periods in the future
  • You are fully motivated to turn up to each session with me and be open minded and receptive to learning new techniques
  • You’re 100% ready to commit time into solving your anxiety issue because you value how important this, not just to you, but to others around you too

What to expect during our sessions

Our sessions will be one hour long, and they will comprise of mainly hypnosis along with easy to learn tools and techinques to help you reach your goals in as short a time as possible. I don’t just give out generic advice, I listen to your unique problem intently then give you real time hypnosis personalized to suit your requirements along with my recommended techniques to release anxiety. In addition, I give out relaxing hypnosis recordings to listen to in between sessions, to compound the work done in the sessions. You also get homework which you are expected to do and report back on in our follow up sessions, (don’t worry it won’t be too much homework)!

By the time you finish the our sessions you will be able to:

  • Dissociate from intrusive worries during the day even if they feel so true in that moment
  • Enjoy being more in the present and having MUCH MORE TIME on your hands now that you aren’t caught up in a constant whirlwind of negative thoughts taking over your life
  • Be free from a restrictive phobia (e.g. claustrophobia) or embarrasing habit (e.g. nail biting) that isn’t serving you anymore
  • Use effective techniques whenever and wherever you need them to instantly reduce feelings of anxiety or stress giving you more control over your body and mind
  • Feel calmer in your mind and body, no longer do you find everyday noises shrill and bothersome
  • Fall asleep easily and effortlessly without having to learn copious amounts of scientific information about sleep nor having to stick to unnecessarily rigid bedtime routines
  • Have more room in your mind for positivity and optimism now that you have successfully learnt how to release negative thoughts that used to take up so much space!
  • Sleep soundly all through the night without having to lock yourself away in a windowless padded room where everything smells of lavender
  • Look forward to going to bed every night, why wouldn’t you when sleeping has become your favourite new hobby?

More testimonials

“I went to see Alex regarding my driving phobia after having a few accidents. The hypnotherapy was amazing and I no longer have the phobia. Not only has Alex helped me with my driving, she also helped me with other aspects of life. Thank you so much Alex,” Destiny, 27

“I approached Alexandra because I was waking up in the night and lying awake for hours.  I found discussing this issue with her interesting and learnt a lot about sleep, for example about the adrenaline/serotonin relationship, negative thinking etc which I had not given much thought to before.  She suggested several strategies for relaxing and getting myself back to sleep (including her Relaxation recording) which have really helped. She also provided me with techniques which were great to have as a reminder of the things we discussed in the sessions.  Thanks Alexandra!” Marie, 45

Testimonial from Ex Love Islander Ellisha-Jade who I treated for social anxiety and panic attacks after she left the ITV program Love Island

Ellisah-Jade, 27

Testimonial from Tracey who I helped overcome her fear of driving

Tracey, 56

Testimonial from Lee who I helped overcome insomnia and anxiety

Testimonial from Lauren who I helped overcome an unwanted habit caused by anxiety

Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions will I need?

This all depends on what you need help with, but my bi weekly sessions don’t last for a lifetime and on average you will only need between 2-6 sessions to fix your problem (NB if you have more than one problem you want help with it may take a bit longer). Saying that, I do have some clients that come back again for my services, but for help in achieving new goals or simply for the sheer joy of being in hypnosis..

What happens during hypnosis?

During this state (which feels like bliss) your body will switch over to the parasympathetic nervous system and stress will be released from your system. You are led into hypnosis by following my instructions which vary from session to session (I like to mix it up). When you are in this healing relaxing state, your subconscious mind is more susceptible to accepting positive change, which is when I then lay down post hypnotic suggestions for your new preferred behaviour and use visualisations to help you reach your goals. The best thing is, when you emerge from our hypnosis – you will feel much more rested and more energised than before. It is considered that 30 minutes of hypnosis is the same as 4 hours sleep!

I don’t believe I can be hypnotised, so how can this work?

All hypnosis is self hypnosis and everyone is capable of getting into this state – all I do is guide you into it. Think of it as a deep state of relaxation that you naturally go into frequently during the day. It’s not magic, it’s a deeply relaxing therapeutic state which will help you to reduce stress and make positive lasting changes at your deeper subconscious level.

However what will stop you going into hypnosis is not having good rapport with your hypnotherapist nor feeling comfortable/safe with them. That’s why I always recommend booking a call with me first, so we can see if we have good rapport and are a good fit to work together before we book you in for your first session.

It’s also useful to mention here, that when people say they “can’t be hypnotized,” what they really mean to say is they have low suggestiblity and this does vary from person to person. So for the individuals that have low suggestibility, I simply provide hypnosis recordings for them to listen to to compound what was said during our hypnosis session and increase the effectiveness of the post hypnotic suggestions.

Are there sleep conditions you can’t help?

I help sufferers with stressed induced insomnia e.g. when anxiety, phobias or worries/active thoughts affect a person’s ability to sleep in the following ways – (either a problem getting to sleep, problem staying alseep, or waking up very early in the morning and unable to get back to sleep) and not insomnia caused for medical reasons, e.g. menopause, sleep apnoea, restless leg syndrome, over active thyroid problems.

“I went to see Alex about my problem with sleeping. I have never been a good night time sleeper and would often lay in bed from the middle of the night onwards wide awake, pressuring myself to get to sleep with my mind whirring at 100 miles per hour. It was so annoying to know the next day I would be functioning at half capacity due to a dreadful nights sleep. With the techniques Alex has taught me I can not only get to sleep but if I do wake in the night I can manage to go back off. Plus Alex gives you tools to use at home and recordings to listen to, all of which has been a huge help. The whole process is extremely calming and helps me to relax. I would thoroughly recommend Alex to anyone having similar problems.”  Lee, 53

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Hypnotherapy Help for Other Issues

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